Tips & Tricks: Let them Touch!

Ok kids! Time to talk about a concept called Transfer of Ownership. (at least that’s what my business major husband called it, I’m kinda taking his word on this one since I’m only telling you what I know and how I know it works.)

So you’re telling me… it’s NOT ok to bite the cat?

Anyway, the idea behind Transfer of ownership is that when someone picks up your product their brain begins to form an association with that object as being theirs. It’s not a strong connection but it’s a connection and you can do little things to strengthen the connection. Anyone reading this blog who has actually met me in person has heard me say this: Hi there! Feel free to manhandle anything on the table! We have a little something for everyone!

download (2)
Ummmm… close but not quite. Good try though!

What that does is encourage people to pick up and examine what we have to offer. It also creates the urge in some people to try to contradict us, there’s no way we could have something for everyone, why we can’t have anything that would appeal to them…. is that a clock with all 12 of my favorite pokemon in sequential order? Take my Money!

Granted that doesn’t usually happen right away, we’ve had customers who only seemed to want to criticise everything on our table right down to the tablecloth the hotel gave us. I usually unleash my business partner on them because that woman can sell snow to eskimos and ketchup popsicles to a woman wearing white gloves.

Inuit boy with fur parka eating icecream cone, Alaska
You can’t see it but that ice cream is red.

Seriously though I don’t know how she does it, I have much to learn. Anyway. We encourage people to handle the product and if they are reluctant then by Gods we pick it up and hand it to them because isn’t it just the softest/smoothest/nicest smelling/fill in adjective here-est thing you’ve ever handled? And once they’re holding it you start talking about the thing. Look at the colors/fabric/paint job/ etc. Turn it over and look at the (fill in the blank). And then you stress how cheap it is. “It’s only 25 bucks and I’m the only one who makes this.”

I have stressed before and I’m sure I will stress again how important interaction with the customer is for this exact reason. If you aren’t talking to the customer you aren’t telling them how awesome your product is. How unique, how special. You aren’t explaining to them all the wonderful things your product has or can do.

Artist Sitting
Sir what media did you… sir? Sir… Ok never mind…

This is especially important for print artists. You guys have the hardest thing to sell ever. One it’s hard to let people handle your product and two there are just so damned many of you! So you have have HAVE to interact with the customer! I’m not even going to go into alternative product, go read Diversify Portfolio! No I’m talking about standing up and interact with the customer, go read 3 Lessons in Selling lesson 2! Explain to them what makes your art different from the Cute Chick with the Pink Hair’s stuff!

One of the other things that we find works wonders for us is noticing a persons cosplay/t-shirt/hat etc and connecting them with a product on our table. People love their fandoms! They love to find neat unique stuff from their fandoms! They spend money on their fandoms and if you have something they’ve never seen before and the price is right they will go nuts for it.

Pricing is a hard thing to nail down. I’m sure I’ll get around to a blog post n it… when I manage to figure it out myself… I’m so bad at that.


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