Tips & Tricks: Coupons! Coupons Everywhere!

Ok Dear Reader! This one is a short post and it boils down to one thing: USE COUPONS!!!!

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This is kinda obsolete though, no one uses paper anymore, and what the hell are those doodads?

Ok now that you’ve picked up your chair and located your glasses (Sorry for screaming) what I mean is that if you’ve read this blog you’ve probably read the post about Buying Local and hopefully you’re taking it to heart and are buying local whenever possible but the increased cost may be making you a little queasy. Well take a tums and listen up. There are a ton of ways to get discounts and coupons for just about everything and I’m going to share my favorites.

Retailmenot: Seriously how many people still don’t know about this one? It’s not even the best one but if you’re willing to put up with a few hiccups (and coupons not always being available) It’s pretty good and has a very easy user interface.

The Coupons App: The Coupons App is exactly as its name suggests. It’s an app that contains a whole ton of coupons. They boast new deals every day that you can claim and use directly on your phone. This takes out the trouble of having to print off coupons. You can also set the app to send you notifications when new deals arrive, find cheaper gas prices, and it comes equipped with a barcode scanner. It’s a little basic, but there are tons of coupons for a variety of stores and it’s completely free to use.

EBates: Ebates is one of the more unique coupon apps. Ebates gives you discounts on whole purchases as certain stores as opposed to just certain products. For instance, you may get a 5% off at your next purchase at Walmart. On top of deals like that, the app also provides very small cash back rewards on eligible purchases. You won’t be rolling in dough by any means, but every dollar counts these days. Like most, it’s free to use with no in-app purchases.

Flipp:  Flipp is fairy typical as far as coupon apps go. It will dredge up all sorts of deals on a daily or weekly basis that can help save you money. One of the unique features is the ability to redeem a coupon and have it attached to your loyalty card. That way all you have to do is remember to swipe your loyalty card at checkout to get all the deals. Additional features include the ability to receive notifications about new or expiring coupons, support for 800+ retailers, and more. It’s definitely worth a shot.

Groupon: Groupon is one of the most popular coupon apps out there. It has one of the largest reaches with over 500 cities supported. There are also a wide variety of products that you’ll find deals for. You can even find deals for vacation destinations and hotels. It also features specialized deal collections for holiday shopping. It’s an overall simple app, but the things that it does it seems to do right. It’s a free app and it’s one of the best in this category.

Ibotta: Ibotta is one of those coupon apps that work on a cash back reward program. The basic premise is that you get deals to shop at specific stores. You then earn cash back that you can have sent to a Venmo or PayPal account. Unlike most, you can use Ibotta alongside other apps such as Groupon to combine savings and cash back. It boasts over 700 compatible locations and it’s compatible with loyalty rewards points as well. Some users have reported issues, but it’s worth a shot anyway.

Krazy Coupon Lady: Krazy Koupon Lady is a coupon app that helps you find stuff from other coupon apps. It boasts a decent range of compatible stores, including many drug stores and grocery stores. You’ll be able to surf coupons from apps such as Checkout 51, Ibatta, and a variety of others. You’ll also be able to create shopping lists, sync across multiple devices, and various written and video tutorials to help teach you how to “coupon” better. It’s among the highest rated coupon apps, even if it’s not as popular as many.

Saving Star: SavingStar is a coupon app that focuses primarily on grocery shopping. Thus, you’ll mostly find deals for food items. They have special promotions for healthy products, including produce, and you’ll be able to redeem most coupons within the app by linking your loyalty cards. It also offers a cash back program that you can link your PayPal account to. It’s a great addition to regular paper coupons. It’s also completely free to use.

So full disclosure I lifted the descriptions for these apps from this Article I found online but I’ve used every one of them at one point or another for just about everything.

Now here’s a neat trick for saving money on supplies. Sometimes if you just go into the store and ask if they have any defective product that they’d have to return or trash and the defect is minor, something you can work with or fix on your own you can get said product at a deep discount or even free. It depends on the store, the management and the damage policy but hey! You never know until you try! Happy hunting!


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