Robcon 2016

This last weekend we were at Robcon! We went last year and had a fantastic time so we decided to do it again this year. I’m doing a shout out to some of the amazing people at the con in this blog.

Our Robcon Setup! Doesn’t Tracey look sweet?

Our first Shout Out is to a fantastic author who sat next to us: CS Thompson, his mystery novels and his Appalachia Fantasy Novels can b found on Amazon. He was nice enough to gift me the first novel of his Fantasy series and when I finally get a minute to read something I am going to dig in like a child with ice cream.

We also got to meet a group of people who are determined to make  Star Wars a reality and create their own R2-D2 units!

Tennessee R2 Builders Club

During the Cosplay Contest we got to see some amazing costumes but the first place winner was this beauty, she made her own vocalization squeaks which is you’ve ever been in a fursuit you know its hard to be heard from inside those heads.


We also had a sweet customer who bought our very first Crochet Pinkie Pie as well as a bunch of other items.


And my favorite cosplay of the weekend was actually a duo. They did the best Link and Zelda I have ever seen and won a prize at the costume contest.

I also ran into a fellow who made an absolutely amazing set of Halo armor, it actually lit up!

Philip Smallwood

There were so many amazing costumes I could fill a book with the pictures but since I’m trying to save a few trees I’ll just post the rest of the pictures here.

We’re going to be at Kahn Con in Hillville Virginia the 13 & 14 of August. Hope to see you all there!


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